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Jon Glassberg

1st Ave Machine

Shauna Coxsey
Ned Feehally

Director of Photography:
Rowan Biddiscombe

Shauna Coxsey - Remember to Breathe: Google Pixel Watch 2

October 2023

Master Class:


High Angle Director of Photography:
Jon Glassberg

Production Assistant:
Jess Talley

Alex Honnold
Tommy Caldwell

Alex Honnold & Tommy Caldwell Teach Rock Climbing | Official Trailer | MasterClass

May 2021

“Dear Mother” - A Climber's Transracial Adoption Story

Climber and transracial Asian-American, Cody Kaemmerlen, searches for connection with his birth parents after a near-death fall leaves him shaken and grasping for answers.

A Louder Than Eleven Production

Presented by American Alpine Club

In Association With Mountain Hardwear

With Support From A-Lodge & Pro Photo Rental

Directed by Jon Glassberg

Assistant Director Sophi Rutherford

Starring Cody Kaemmerlen

Written by Jon Glassberg, Jessica Glassberg

Edited by Jon Glassberg

Assistant Edit Saraphina Redalieu

Video by Jon Glassberg, Jessica Glassberg, Sophi Rutherford, Cody Kaemmerlen

Photography Sophi Rutherford
A product of the “Pull Focus Grant” through the American Alpine Club and Louder Than 11.

Cody Kaemmerlen is a climber adopted out of South Korea in 1984, into rural Tillamook, Oregon. He was raised by a loving family, and thrived in his small town, not fully comprehending what it was like to be a person of color in a white world. After reaching out to the adoption agency, he was left with an email stating his birth mother had no interest in meeting her son. He struggled in adulthood, as he started to experience adversity which produced a cycle of anger, divorce, car accident, and finally a near-death free-soloing fall which became a catalyst for change.

A few years later, the agency reached out with an apology about a file mix-up, stating his birth mother and father would love to meet. Soon after, he begins to process his adoption and identity with the help of the climbing community and close friends.

We follow Cody to South Korea on his mission to meet his mother and father, in hopes of finding resolution and inner peace.

October 2023

2020 OLYMPICS - Climbing’s Debut

USA Climbing

Directed by:
Jon Glassberg

Jessica Glassberg
Jon Glassberg

Digi Tech:
Jessica Glassberg

August 2021

Golden Gate

The North Face

Directed by:
Jon Glassberg

Jon Glassberg

Emily Harrington
Adrian Ballinger

Finalist - Banff Mountain Film Festival
Finalist - Vancouver Mountain Film Festival

Official Selection:
Kendal Mountain Film Festival
New Zealand Mountain Film
Leavenworth Film Festival
DC Adventure Film Festival
Ulju Mountain Film Festival Korea

Golden Gate with Emily Harrington

July 2015

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