Miho Nonaka: Adidas Terrex

Adidas Terrex

Miho Nonaka

Directed By
Jon Glassberg

Produced By
Gracie Martin

Executive Produced By
Samantha Hughey

Director Of Photography
Jon Glassberg

2nd Camera
Jessica Glassberg

3rd Camera
Hiroaki Yasukawa

Still Photography
Jessica Glassberg

Location Producer (Japan)
Kohei Adachi

Location Producer
Gracie Martin

Edited By
Matt Schmalz

Assistant Edit By
Saraphina Redalieu

Talent Management
Kei Sugimoto

Adidas Japan Athlete Management
Akihiro Suzuki

Adidas Global Athlete Management
David Bloss

Production Assistant
Jessica Birchall

Behind The Scenes Photography
Sam McQueen

Location Translation 
Kohei Adachi

Sound Design by
Matt Schmalz

Color Correction by
Matt Schmalz

June 2024

Miho Nonaka - Adidas Terrex

Join Miho Nonaka, one of Japan's most iconic competition climbers, as she prepares to fight for a ticket to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Miho’s journey began at age 9, when she started climbing with her father and sister. It didn’t take her long to begin making an impression, with multiple World Cup podiums propelling the Japanese climbing phenom into the ranks of climbing’s greatest.

Nonaka's distinct climbing style and impressive competition success has made her a standout on the IFSC circuit. With an Olympic silver medal under her belt already, Miho is looking to secure a her spot in back-to-back Games at the upcoming Olympic Qualifying Series in Budapest.Follow along for a behind-the-scenes insight into Miho’s climbing motivation, how she deals with pressure, her rigorous training schedule and the dedication it takes to climb on the biggest sporting stage.

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