Hidden deep in the forest near the boarder of Finland you will find one of the best kept secrets of Russia. Louder Than Eleven visits Triangular Lake, where you can follow Jon Glassberg, Emile Del Toro, and Pavel Isaev on a tour of Russia’s best bouldering destination. Pavel Isaev climbs Oh, Bratan (7C+, v10), Emile Del Toro climbs Suomen Ragazze (7C, v9), and Jon Glassberg climbs Redrum (7C+/8A, v10/11), Night Flight (7C+, v10), Helicopter (7C, v9) and makes the first ascent of Made in America (7C+, v10) and Dobre Noch (8A, v11).

For a detailed blog on Triangular Lake please visit Jon Glassberg’s blog here.